We Are Planning A Conference!

Hello creative friends! I wanted to clue you in on a huge project that I’ve been working on behind the scenes… at January’s New Orleans event, attendees shared their most ambitious goals for 2015 and I did too!

Coming Fall 2015, I’ll be co-hosting a conference for creative entrepreneurs in New Orleans, LA alongside my biz buddies Kristy Oustalet and Justin Shiels.


So far, we’ve created the event framework, divvied up tasks, are scouting locations and pulling together equally enthusiastic volunteers interested in being a part of something bigger. We are ambitiously working to bring you a killer conference!

Now, we are asking for your help in picking the perfect name and are starting to build volunteer teams to make this dream a reality! If you are interested fill out just this form, it takes 1 sec and we’d love your input.

Also, if you have any tips we’d love to hear them… (locations, things you like at other conferenced, things you don’t like, sponsorships).

xoxo – Ciera

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