Ever wish you could get together with inspiring, like-minded people right in your city? Maybe you’re looking to network, collaborate, or simply make some new friends.

Let’s be honest, the typical “networking event” involves awkward small talk and stacks of business cards. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If that perfect local event doesn’t already exist, how about starting your own?

The Made In Mind Social is a community of local creatives. It was started in New Orleans by Ciera Holzenthal of Ciera Design and now you can now start a chapter in your city!

Each chapter is free to plan the events to benefit their area. That could be demos, cocktail hour, business planning, crafting, coffee or whatever inspires you and your community!


Meet The Founder, Ciera Holzenthal

Hi, I’m Ciera Holzenthal, graphic designer specializing in brand development for creative businesses and passionate entrepreneurs. I also run a lifestyle and design blog where I share my adventures as a freelance graphic designer and everything that exhilarates me as an artist including DIY projects, photography, small business advice, arts and crafts and all things graphic design. It was created as a way to curate and share my obsessions with design and my goal is to create an inspiring place for both myself and my readers.

Ciera Holzenthal of Ciera Design